Fleets & Equipments

Currently Zaramella &Pavan Construction Company S.A. has a combined installed capacity of over 10 million per-man hours dedicated to meet the current and future needs of the oil and gas industry.

With a large fleet of marine transports and tow boats all duly certified including a variety of boats, tugs, scows and barge transports; Z&P also has a dedicated fleet for construction, maintenance and operational support consisting of 13 barges for construction, pipeline laying and heavy lifting equipment.

Among its facilities is an extensive manufacturing, assembly, and storage yard area; also, 1750 linear meters of dedicated shipyard area for construction; a storage area of 3.000 m2; work cranes of up to 150 tons; a beached boat marina & dock for ships up to 2,000 tons and a 300 m2 prefabrication workshop equipped with an overhead crane, electric welding machines, automatic cutting equipment, equipment for preparation and painting, crafting and manufacturing of steel and aluminum modular ship components; also dry dock work agreements.

(Links to the data sheets of the major vessels are shown below)