All workers and related personnel guide their actions in the pursuit of satisfying the needs of our customers meeting the specific contractual and legal requirements of each project in a safe and healthy workplace.

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History - Milestones of a successful management

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Historia / Timeline de Z&P Años 50 Años 60 Años 70 Años 80 Años 90 Año 2000 Año 2010

Establishment of Z&P Construction services.

Beginning of mechanical and electrical construction services.

Beginning of the laying of land lines services.

Began laying lines in the Maracaibo Lake basin.

Inauguration of the high density polyethylene (HDPE) coating plant

Construction of modular compression plants for PDVSA.

Opening offices in the eastern part of the country.

Inauguration of the epoxy resin coating plant.

Rated as a reliable contractor for PDVSA in the field of coating (Intevep).

Rated as a reliable contractor for PDVSA in the field of construction (Intevep).

Quality control certificate COVENIN ISO 9002:1990 for its coating processes.

Rated as the "first and most important supplier of goods and services for the oil industry in Venezuela" (Manager 500 Magazine- sp: Gerente 500).

Rated by PDVSA INTEVEP as a trustworthy supplier for the Construction and Assembly sectors.

First international project for the manufacture of industrial modules (Saint Croix Refinery, Virgin Islands). Partnership in the Orinoco Belt projects.

50 year Anniversary of the company.

Opening offices in the city of Barcelona, ​​state of Anzoategui.

Recertification according to the ISO 9001: 2000 on coating processes

Reconstruction and redesign of the 440 offshore line laying barge.

Opened offices in Bogotá, Colombia

Partnership projects in Colombia.

60 year Anniversary of the company

ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for management processes and project implementation IPC (Bureau Veritas).

Mission - Vision - Values

The upper management of the company designs the strategic framework which includes the overall mission, Integral Politics, Commitments, Principles of Operational Excellence, Code of Conduct, strategic objectives, strategies, benefits and key performance indicators.

The mission of Zaramella & Pavan Construction Company, S.A is "to offer services and solutions for the infrastructure projects of the oil, gas, petrochemical, power and general industrial sectors delivered in a safe manner, with high productivity and competitiveness in all its operations while generating greater value to the workers and contributing to the environment with sustainable development of the communities involved and society in general ".

Strategic Framework

Quality - health - environment - safety

The Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Safety and Health is comprised of a large staff with dedicated and qualified human resources as well as equipment, systems, policies, standards and written procedures properly implemented and interacting harmoniously to ensure regulatory compliance.

For each project, the company presents a master document with the overall layout and design of a quality plan according to the scope and activities as defined in the technical specifications of the project in which the objectives, scope, methods and strategies are described for the implementation of activities.

The planners of the Health, Environment and Safety Management team design a custom-made Risk Management Plan composed by a Safety and Health at Work Program and an Environmental Management Program, in order to prevent work related incidents and/or accidents, occupational diseases, and damage prevention to the environment; also, to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the management plan for safety, health and environment as well as compliance with all the legal regulatory requirements.

The leadership and commitment of our senior management, middle management and process coordinators is supported by an organizational culture of motivation, responsibility and commitment, leading to continuously improve performance in quality, health, environment, safety and health; also, encourages the active participation of workers, both from the company as well as its subcontractors in order to reach a more effective functioning of the management system.

Social Responsibility

Z&P maintains a supportive and respectful relationship with local institutions and surrounding communities. Our performance aims to maintain a positive social and environmental balance for which the company’s contributions and relationships with its employees, shareholders, subcontractors and suppliers, customers, government, communities and other stakeholders are our most important value.

Z&P’s performance in the field of social responsibility has been recognized and materialized in projects of interest for the communities as well as with contributions to various institutions of both public and private agency committed to the achievement of clear objectives with special emphasis in education.


Our clients search for sustainable solutions for their project initiatives and we use to assist them in order to get timely, constructible and maintainable solutions. Our values are based on sustainability, along almost seventy years of business life, we have a proven record of durable and sustainable solutions and a high reputation for exceeding client’s expectations.

Looking at the perspective of project sponsors, sustainability of a project simply implies to us the continuation of project activities and sustenance of project outcomes after the initial/primary grant expires.

Suppliers and Partners

Suppliers and subcontractors are key participants for Z&P, that’s why the company promotes, develops and comes along with these organizations to support the work force and the productive capacities of all the partner based enterprises of the areas in which we undertake our operational activities.

Suppliers are partners support our strengths, Z&P has always contracted product and service providers to widen up the services we offer and to ensure that we use the best quality supplies and inputs in a timely manner.

Z&P uses service suppliers for various aspects of fabrication and construction operations, mainly for NDT services, lifting equipment certification, calibration and regulation of instruments, heavy lift among others. 



Zaramella & Pavan Construction Company, S.A. (Z&P, S.A.) is an all around service provider to the energy industry founded in 1951.

Zaramella & Pavan Construction Company S.A. in order to satisfy the needs of oil and gas industry, has executed projects reaching a top of 10 million manhours in one year .

Over the years, we've honed our project management skills and developed best practices for managing the most complex of projects. As part of our continuous improvement process, our formal Lessons Learned system enables project teams to document both solutions to problems and opportunities for improvement, which subsequently are codified into best practices that can be shared across the company.