Pipelines Installation Onshore and Offshore

Z & P Construction Co., has extensive experience at national and international level in the implementation of laying land lines and submarine pipelines, expanding its scope in recent years the laying submarine electrical and communications cables. We are pioneers in Venezuela of laying underwater pipelines lines on Maracaibo Lake.

Including scheduling and execution operations in areas of unique operational, such as lakes, rivers and sea gulfs complexity. The activities are related to installation of vertical, lying horizontal, repair lines, installation of anodes for protection of lines, installation of sleeves, radiographic inspection and coating, hydrostatic testing, burying of pipelines and dismantling of wells, etc.). In different mix designs to achieve compressive strengths varied according to customer specifications.

The laying of lines is a very complex activity that presents various challenges in its execution, among others:

  • Exploration and survey in shallow areas
  • Logistics accociated with complex aquatic operations
  • Laying of pipes in areas of low draft
  • Avoid damage to the ecosystem
  • Operate in harmony with diverse communities throughout the geography
  • Line burying in areas with different types of seabed and topographies

logistics and permits of crew and vessels

  • Temporary Import of Foreign Ships.
  • Loading and transport of products and equipment.
  • Purchase and Nationalization of support vessels or boats for the Project .
  • Multiport departure and arrival boats.
  • Fuel supply.
  • Vessel registration with authorities designed and built.
  • Mobilization and crew permits foreign vessels.