Services: Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EP&C)

Z&P has the capability to execute different projects per year, covering aspects such as engineering; procurement in Venezuela and International; manufacture of pipes and metal structures; construction of civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation field, both on land and offshore, precommissioning and start-up assistance / commissioning.

The strategic location of its facilities supply easy access by land and sea. It also has trained and experienced human capital, as well as an installed capacity according to the current and future needs of the oil and gas industry.

Among its operational strengths are manufacturing in workshop and assembly on site, the availability of own equipment for offshore works, as well as management and execution under applicable standards and codes according to the scope of the project, such how: COVENIN, , ISO, ASME, API, ABS, AWS, ISM, ASTM, NACE, others

The quality of its work processes is certified by PDVSA Intevep under the International Standard ISO 9001; and it has been qualified as suitable for the evaluation of PDVSA in Industrial Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Environment (SIHOA).

Suppliers and subcontractors are a key element for Z&P, for which the company promotes, develops and accompanies these organizations to strengthen the workforce and the socio-productive capacities of the areas where it carries out operational activities.

Backed by more than sixty years of experience, Z&P is capable of offering comprehensive engineering services from conceptual design (joint ventures) through start-up and operation. Z&P links engineering, procurement, fabrication, material management and construction.

Our goal is to deliver safe, efficiently managed and cost-effective projects that meet client requirements.

Our engineering services include economic analyses, feasibility studies, process design, front-end and detail engineering, project engineering and construction engineering.


Z&P’s engineering expertise extends around the country and across a variety of disciplines, adding value through every phase of a project. Based on our headquarters in Zulia State in the west and in Anzoategui in the east, Z&P is present with its engineering capabilities for both onshore and offshore type of projects.

Experienced staff

Our engineering staff is composed of highly experienced, dedicated professionals. Along more than sixty years, Z&P has hired and trained a large staff of engineers and technicals on the type of projects that require the oil, gas, petrochemical, industrial and power industries in Venezuela, with operations offshore and offshore.

Said staff are in charge of monitoring and managing every phase of our projects, from concept design through construction and start-up, using tools to efficiently and accurately develop schedules, allocate resources, monitor work progress, track costs and provide detailed reports for our customers.

At Z&P, our procurement strategy is based on global experience and long-term relationships.

Our relationships with key suppliers allow us to provide the best materials and services on time and within budget.

We have the in-house resources to efficiently locate, evaluate, purchase and arrange for the transport of materials and services to any project site. Our procurement staff and its localized knowledge is essential for expediting orders and quickly solving problems.

Supply chain expertise

Our expertise spans the entire supply chain, from sourcing, purchasing and transportation logistics to inventory control, inspection and quality assurance.

Every product and service we use must comply with our exacting quality and safety requirements. In addition to our procurement offices, we maintain fabrication facilities for manufacturing needed components and lay-down yards for storing steel and equipment.

Over the years, we've developed strong relationships with key suppliers, manufacturers and service providers in a variety of industries. We utilize competitive bidding and negotiate long-term agreements to obtain competitive prices for materials and services. We also do our homework, extensively researching markets and suppliers to ensure we prepare accurate estimates, select the best products and obtain the best prices.

We provide a broad range of field construction services that include modular and conventional ("stick-built") construction, project management, construction inspection and management, scheduling, welding and quality assurance, plant start-ups and commissioning, and a variety of other field services.

In addition to new construction work, our projects have included plant relocations, retrofits, disassembly, upgrades, debottlenecking, shutdowns and turnarounds.

Civil construction, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering. Includes the installation of facilities for the energy industry and modernization, upgrading and expansion of flow stations, gas plants and oil handling, among other works. The services include the stages of startup sequences prior to general commission (Pre-commissioning) and all commissioning procedures until mechanical completion is reached in accordance with the scope of the project; also, assistance for startup of operations with the client’s support.


At Z&P, our ability to fabricate plate and structural steel, piping and complex modular assemblies is a key element of our integrated EPC business model. Z&P can ensure timely delivery and superior quality of components for our projects.

Our facilities are coordinated under an integrated fabrication management system, resulting in a combined pipe fabrication capacity unmatched in our industry.



Z & P, as a pioneer in the processes of industrial buildings, in South America pioneered the use of process plant construction using the method of construction and modular manufacturing process that guarantees the optimization process of construction, assembly and installation, running a variety of projects at national and international level, both onshore and offshore.

Modular fabrication and construction offer a number of advantages over conventional "stick built" construction.

The bulk of the fabrication and assembly are performed at our facilities, which allows us to ensure all work is performed according to our high standards, under controlled working conditions.

By reducing fieldwork, we also minimize the project's impact on the customer site, a significant advantage when the installation site is an operating plant. Modular construction also minimizes lay-down space, an important benefit when the field site is small or congested, and reduces delays due to adverse weather.

In-air work is minimized, and foundation requirements are often simplified.

Field erection

Stick building of different types of facilities, including several different activities:

  • Material storage, preservation and dispatch
  • Transportation of materials and equipment
  • Site preparation
  • Civil works
  • Structures and pipe erection
  • Equipment installation
  • Systems testing
  • Electrical works, cable, equipment hook up and test
  • Instrumentation works

All activities are supported by strong logistics operations specially when they are executed on existing and operating facilities; Revamp, upgrading and enlargement of existing facilities